Gwen Stefani Says She 'Almost Got' Angelina Jolie's Part in 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith'

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Gwen Stefani is best known for her killer voice and stunning stage presence, but the singer almost rocked a black leather dress and some submachine guns for the lead role in the 2005 sexy spy thriller, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Speaking with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM show on Wednesday, the "Used to Love You" singer revealed that she was nearly cast to play Jane Smith, the role that eventually went to Angelina Jolie, who starred opposite Brad Pitt.

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"I feel like I almost got it," Stefani told Stern. "I went to a bunch of auditions."

According to the 46-year-old pop star, the casting process was "very competitive," and while she wanted to move into acting, "I wanted to do music more."

In an April 2008 interview with Vogue, Stefani mentioned auditioning for the role of Mrs. Smith, and talked about her brief foray into the world of acting.

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According to Stefani, she didn't consider the possibility of starring in movies until she became famous as the lead singer of the popular ska-punk band, No Doubt, which is when agents came calling.

"The whole acting thing really feels like something I could do. Whenever I've done it, whenever I had moments where it works, it's just like performing. You hit a moment. And that's what movies are: a series of moments," she explained.

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Ultimately, Jolie, now 41, was chosen for the part, which is where she struck up a relationship with her future husband. Pitt, now 52, was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time of filming. The couple divorced in 2005, and many cited his relationship with Jolie as the cause.

Pitt and Jolie have long denied that there was any infidelity, however they have admitted to falling in love on set. The couple, who now share six children, have been together ever since, and they finally tied the knot in August 2014.

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As for Stefani, she also met and fell in love with her current boyfriend, Blake Shelton, while they were working together, both serving as coaches on The Voice. The pair struck up a relationship a month after Stefani's 13-year-marriage to Gavin Rossdale came to an end in October 2015, and four months after Shelton split from his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert.

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