EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Hunnam Bummed He Never Got His Promised 'King Arthur' Sword, Cops to Stealing a Bike From '

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When you promise Charlie Hunnam a sword, he'd better get it!

ET's Ashley Crossan caught up with the King Arthur star at San Diego Comic-Con, and she had to know if he got to keep the blade his character famously pulls from the stone.

"You know what? I didn't," he answered. "And I was promised a sword!"

Apparently, the fact that he didn't just take the sword right off the set was a pretty noble move for the 36-year-old actor, as he admitted he's often done just that in the past.

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Can you blame him for wanting to take one of the motorcycles? He did spend a lot of time on them -- which may explain why the one he swiped is collecting dust. "It was like one of those weird things that like a kid does," the British actor explained. "I stole it, but I've never used it."

"It was like one of those weird things that like a kid does," he explained. "I stole it, but I've never used it."

Hunnam also commented on the long-awaited Sons of Anarchy prequel, sadly confirming that he will not be a part of it -- for a very good reason.

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"I do believe it is happening," he shared. "But I don't think I'm a part of it, because I wasn’t born when that was happening."

"I believe it's sort of like an origin of motorcycle culture in America," he added, with the caveat, "I'm really just making it up, because I don't know any facts."

Well, we'll take it!

Watch the video below for when Hunnam debuted the first King Arthur photo.

King Arthur hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

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