EXCLUSIVE: Seth Rogen Enjoys Disregarding the Laws of Physics With New R-Rated, Animated Comedy 'Sausage Party

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Rogen tells ET he drew inspiration from Saturday morning cartoon classics while pushing the limits of a R-rated comedy.

In Seth Rogen's new film, Sausage Party (which could be the name of his famed crew of male comedians), the actor plays Frank, a sausage determined to save his companions of anthropomorphic edibles from the horrors of being cooked and eaten by humans after he discovers what happens when food gets purchased from the grocery store. The comedy features the voice talents of Rogen's regular collaborators -- Michael Cera, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson -- as well as other funny actors, including Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader.

Written and produced by Rogen, the animated film gives the actor license to push the limits of comedy -- something he typically can't do in his other movies. "I think there's more freedom when they're not real, at least on the physical side of things," Rogen tells ET at the Sausage Party debut at Montreal, Canada's Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. "You know, it's like Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry. If that was real, it would be so horrific."

"We grew up watching and loving the physical comedy cues of cartoons," Rogen says, "and it was fun to be able to completely disregard the laws of physics and think in those terms."

While taking cues from Saturday morning animated classics, Sausage Party is hardly a children's film. One particular scene is so graphic, a R-rating hardly prepares you for what's to come. Let's just say, it gives new meaning to "food lovers." Meanwhile, there's a douche voiced by Nick Kroll -- famous for his ability to play, well, a douchebag -- and a tampon, Camille Toh, voiced by Rogen's wife, Lauren Miller. "I know, it's the worst joke ever," he says.

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The film, which reportedly took eight years to get made, is already receiving critical praise ahead of its Aug. 12 debut in theaters. Though, Sausage Party did land in the center of mild controversy when a red-band trailer, filled with profanity, played before a screening of the very family-friendly Finding Dory. However, Rogen laughed off the incident. "That made my day," he tweeted with a link to a related news story.

In fact, this movie is a point of pride for the actor. "It may be our best movie," Rogen says.