EXCLUSIVE: Kate Hudson on Her First Time Acting With Dad Kurt Russell in 'Deepwater Horizon'

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While Deepwater Horizon marks Kate Hudson's first time acting with her dad, Kurt Russell, she says a part of him is always with her on set.

"Growing up watching him work, he's such a pro and I think it was a great lesson for me when I was younger as to what kind of actress I wanted to be and the person on set I wanted to be," Hudson told ET. "I just love everything he's done."

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That seems to go double for this film.

"I got to see Mark [Wahlberg] and my pa, Kurt, together," Hudson said. "I'm biased obviously -- it's my dad -- but I just thought, 'What a great combination they are!'"

The film, inspired by the rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico that took place on April 20, 2010, honors the brave men and women whose heroism saved many on board during the world's largest man-made disaster.

"I play a guy who worked on a rig -- who was an ordinary guy who had to do extraordinary things not only to survive but to help others," Wahlberg said. "For me, that's an extremely compelling story to tell."

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The cast got a taste of what it would be like to work on an oil rig by spending most of their time on a life-size model on a 75-foot tall set in the parking lot of an abandoned amusement park in Louisiana.

Deepwater Horizon, also starring John Malkovich and Gina Rodriguez, hits theaters Sept. 30.