Jennifer Lawrence Seduces Chris Pratt in Space -- Watch Intense New 'Passengers' Trailer

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have a few flirty scenes together in the action-packed trailer for their upcoming sci-fi film, Passengers.

The opening scene shows Jim Preston (Pratt) adorably asking Aurora (Lawrence) out on a date by having a robot send her a note. After a brief scene of them grabbing a drink from a robot bartender named Arthur (Michael Sheen), the trailer quickly takes a turn.

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It's soon revealed that Jim and Aurora -- who do have a sex scene in the movie -- are on spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet that is transporting thousands of people. When there's a malfunction in the sleep chambers, the two passengers are awakened 90 years early, which causes quite a few problems for them.

The trailer ends with Pratt's character delivering a great cliffhanger. "There's a reason we woke up early," he declares. 

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Passengers hits theaters on Dec. 21, and while there's no denying Pratt and Lawrence's onscreen chemistry, Scott Eastwood recently revealed that he lost out to the 37-year-old actor for the role of Jim. Pratt told ET that he can sympathize with getting passed up for parts.

"Oh my gosh, there is so many roles that I have lost out to other actors," he admitted at the New York City premiere of The Magnificent Seven on Monday. “Yeah, for years and years, and years I auditioned. I auditioned for things and lost out constantly. Yeah, this is part of the deal, you know, it is part of the deal, and you find out that a lot of times that is the way that it's meant to be."