EXCLUSIVE: Josh Duhamel on Who Brings the Most Heat in 'Transformers 5' Between Him and Mark Wahlberg

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ET caught up with Josh Duhamel on the Transformers: The Last Knight set in London, where the actor revealed who's really running the show between him and Mark Wahlberg.

"Wahlberg," Duhamel immediately conceded. "I can bring the heat because I have a full military team behind me."

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By contrast, Wahlberg seems to be a one-man military all on his own.

"He gets up every morning and plays 18 holes of speed golf," Duhamel told ET. "When we started the movie, I said, 'I got to do that with you.' He said, 'We get up at three and work out. Then we play at five.' I'm like, 'I'll check you on weekends.'"

Duhamel did get some time on the links when he played the legendary St. Andrews golf course in Scotland.

"I had a little trouble in the sand trap," he admitted. "I said, 'These bunkers can't be that hard to get out of.' Seven shots later, I couldn't get out of the sand trap."

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Duhamel will have time to take another stab at the course, as he's spending two months in the U.K. to shoot the latest edition of the Transformers franchise.

"These movies are unlike anything I've done. This one especially," Duhamel said. "It's amazing to watch Michael [Bay] work because he thinks in ways I can't imagine."

Transformers: The Last Knight opens June 23, 2017.