EXCLUSIVE: James Van Der Beek Says He's Not Sure About CMT's 'Varsity Blues' Reboot

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Some people met James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery on Dawson’s Creek. Others met the actor as Jonathan "Mox" Moxon, the backup quarterback for the West Canaan High School football team in 1999’s Varsity Blues.

The football-themed coming-of-age dramedy was a surprise hit, raking in $54.3 million off a $16 million budget. Now, CMT has a Varsity Blues reboot in the works, after ordering a pilot script from the film’s original screenwriter, W. Peter Iliff, back in April.

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So, when ET caught up with Van der Beek at the Streamy Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday, we had to get his take on the revival.

“You know, I don’t know,” the 39-year-old confessed. “I don’t know who’s involved. The people who were involved in the movie, I don’t think are involved in the series. So, I don’t know.”

Van Der Beek calls making the film “a fun, fun memory,” and wishes the new show luck -- but don’t hold your breath for a cameo.

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“Only if it's the people who were involved in the movie, yeah,” Van Der Beek said. “I feel like those things only work if you have the people who were involved in the movie involved in the series.”

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