Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Get Uncomfortably Close While Filming 'Jumanji'


Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart
are currently shooting the upcoming Jumanji sequel, and the co-stars had to get a little too close for comfort while filming a recent scene in the lush jungles of Hawaii.

The Rock gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at how they were shooting a sequence that involved the action star carrying Hart on his back while running down a hill.

Rather than risking throwing Johnson's back out from take after take of actually hoisting Hart's diminutive frame on his back, the comedian is instead sitting on a platform strapped around Johnson's waist, which led to a bit of an awkward situation.

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"We've been up here for a while," Johnson shares in the video, "Just d**k in my back"

"We can't unlatch in between shots?" Hart yells down the hill to the massive production crew, who just watch up in amusement at the two attached stars.

"I've put up with a lot, but Kevin's penis in my back isn't what I want," the 44-year-old former pro-wrestler explains.

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"In the movie this scene will be crazy funny. In real life this is bulls**t, but we commit to the comedy," Johnson wrote in the caption to the video.

The two actors, who previously co-starred in the action comedy Central Intelligenceearlier this year, are filming the hotly anticipated sequel alongside Jack Black, Nick Jonas and Karen Gillan, on location in Hawaii.

Hart and Johnson recently appeared at the top of Forbes' highest-paid comedians and highest-paid actors lists, respectively. Check out the video below for more on how much the stars raked in over the last year.