Stars Talk Their Favorite 'Musketeers' Moments


The Three Musketeers London premiere included swashbuckling performers, festive backdrops and an overall medieval feel, something that helped the stars of the upcoming movie feel a sense of nostalgia from their days of filming.

"I think it was every time we walked onto one of those fantastic locations," director Paul W.S. Anderson mentioned regarding shooting his version of the renowned Alexandre Dumas novel. "Real palaces built on a giant scale that no one builds anymore... I just loved it every single time."

And while the rest of the crew echoed similar sentiments with regards to their time shooting in Germany, the film's costumes were another feature that wasn't easily forgotten, as evident by Orlando Bloom's description of his flashy getup.

Click the video to hear Orlando and the rest of the stars talk about their favorite moments and costumes from the film! Don't miss The Three Musketeers when it swoops into theaters October 21.