EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Garfield Reveals the 'Silly' Role He Wasn't 'Handsome Enough' For, Talks Oscar Buzz

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Andrew Garfield
is currently one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, but the 33-year-old star tells ET there’s “plenty” of roles he didn't land, including one that “really stung” just before his career took off.

“I really wanted to play...,” Garfield starts but then laughs before continuing, “This is so silly. There was a Narnia movie. The Prince Caspian film... "

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He’s of course referring to 2008’s The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian – which came out just two years before The Social Network hit theaters and put Garfield on the map.

“Ben Barnes ultimately got it,” Garfield adds. “Ben Barnes, I'll get ya! No, I really just wanted that part… I think the feedback was ‘he's not handsome enough.’ What can you do? Hey, I'm not handsome enough for Prince Caspian.”

“That was when I was just starting out, so I was like, 'Narnia, I love Narnia,'" he shares.

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But, these days, Garfield is doing pretty alright. He stars in the new Martin Scorsese flick, Silence, out in select theaters on Dec. 23.

The famed director called Garfield a “godsend” after working with him on the project.

“You can't fully receive that because your ego would get the size of this room,” Garfield says in response to Scorsese’s praise.

The actor also stars in the Mel Gibson-directed film, Hacksaw Ridge, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama.

“Who doesn't like a pat on the back?" he notes. "But there's something also really -- I find discomfort in it. I think we all do, right?”

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The film has also generated Oscar buzz for Garfield as well.

“Of course to be told to whatever degree you're doing alright, that's something that we all need. We all need that in our lives,” Garfield says about what an Academy Award nomination would mean to him.

“There was something very moving about having Mel's work recognized,” he adds. ‘I’m just very, very grateful. Very, very grateful that I get to work, that I get to work on things that I really, deeply care about and believe in, that challenge me, and that I -- that's really it for me.”