EXCLUSIVE: Bryce Dallas Howard Talks 'Jurassic World 2' & Getting Lost With Matthew McConaughey

The actress has dishes on the upcoming Jurassic World sequel and whether she'll be running in heels once again!

Bryce Dallas Howard has a confession to make: She thinks about the upcoming shoot for Jurassic World 2 “all the time,” and hopes filming will be easier without her character, Claire, running around in heels like she notably did in the first movie.

“This is assuming she’s prepared,” the actress told ET’s Jennifer Peros while promoting her new film, Gold. “I stand by that Claire is a heels woman in life. She’s also a woman who is incredibly prepared, so, given the opportunity, I don’t think she would choose to run in heels.”

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Howard added that dinosaurs are constantly in the back of her mind as she prepares for filming to commence.

“I did some press this morning, quite early, then had a 15-mintue nap and was laying down [thinking,] ‘Don’t dream about Jurassic. Just nap. Just rest. Don’t think about it,” Howard admitted. “Because it’s on my thoughts all the time.”

The Pete’s Dragon star does have one distraction for the next few weeks -- her latest film, Gold, which hits theaters on Jan. 27.

The movie follows Kenny Wells, played by Matthew McConaughey, as he ventures through an Indonesian jungle on the hunt for gold.

Howard plays his girlfriend, Kay, and described working with the Oscar winner as both “crazy” and “awesome.”

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“First of all, he gained weight and that was fun for everybody -- when one person gains weight, everybody needs to gain a little weight,” she said. “The feeling of the movie -- the adventure, the fun, the spontaneity -- that was the experience on set and the experience I had working with Matthew.”

“I really just got lost in scenes with him,” Howard continued. “I would just get totally absorbed in the moment and that’s something that’s so fun and super rare.”

See Howard talk about her famous father, actor-director Ron Howard, in the video below.