Mandy Moore and Shane West Tease 'A Walk to Remember' Reunion on Film's 15th Anniversary

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Mandy Moore would love A Walk to Remember reunion!

The 32-year-old actress, who starred as the angelic Jamie Sullivan in the Adam Shankman-directed movie, took to Twitter on the film's 15th anniversary on Wednesday, informing fans that she's "working on" getting her former co-stars together.

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Naturally, the brunette beauty revealed the news in a series of tweets that were basically a love fest between her and Shane West, who played her punk-turned-sweetheart boyfriend, Landon Carter.

"In honor of the 15th anniversary of A Walk To Remember, let's take a walk down memory lane," her tweets began. "What are your favorite scenes? Any questions?"

After admitting she "bawled" when she read both the script and the Nicholas Sparks novel the film was based on, she urged West, 38, to get in on the conversation when a fan asked if the telescope his character made for Jamie actually worked.

"I think it was working but hard to 'focus' on while trying to do the scene," he joked, also admitting that "Mandy was a joy to work with in every scene. Her enthusiasm put a smile on my face every day."

"I remember the commentary being pretty fun. Doing it over again would be a blast," he continued.

That's when a fan flat out asked the two, "How about a reunion?? It would be awesome to see all of you together again :)"

"We're working on it!" Moore replied, with West adding that it's "not a bad idea…."

For now, guess we'll just have to lift our hands and pray in hopes that this will happen sometime soon.

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