EXCLUSIVE: David Hasselhoff Teases 'Baywatch' Movie: 'There's A Lot of Surprises'

ET's Ashley Crossan was with David Hasselhoff at the DGA Awards, where he teased his upcoming 'Baywatch' role.

David Hasselhoff can't wait to get back to the beach.

The Baywatch star opened up to ET's Ashley Crossan at the Director's Guild Awards on Saturday, where he teased his role in the upcoming reboot film.

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"I'm not really free to completely talk about what I do in the movie, but ... there's a lot of surprises," the 64-year-old actor shared. "Especially with me."

Can't wait to see what that's all about!

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As for what it was like getting back to his old stomping grounds while working with new Baywatch stars Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, Hasselhoff said the process was super easy and full of mutual respect.

"They treated me with such respect and such honor," he shared. "They were nervous meeting me, and I was nervous meeting them, but I think it worked out great."

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Meanwhile, during the Super Bowl, we got a taste of what to expect in the upcoming Baywatch film, which, not unexpectedly, is a whole lot of Efron's body.

Watch the video below.