Emma Watson Compares Playing Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast' to Hermione in 'Harry Potter'

The 'Beauty and the Beast' star is comparing her to most iconic roles to date!

Emma Watson sees some similarity between Belle and Hermione.

The Beauty and the Beast star covers the newest issue of Elle UK,where she explains that she decided to take on the role of the classic Disney princess, because in a way, she felt connected to Watson's brave and bookish character from the Harry Potter franchise.

Elle UK

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"For me, Beauty was the perfect, most joyful thing to do," the 26-year-old actress shares. "There was something connected about Hermione and Belle, and it was good to be reminded that I am an actress; this is what I do. The film is pure escapism."

Meanwhile, though she's only now lending her acting chops to "A Tale as Old as Time," it's hard to believe how much time has passed (over 15 years!) since the first Harry Potter film premiered.

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Watch the video below to take a look back.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17.