EXCLUSIVE: 'La La Land' Costume Designer Mary Zophres Talks Dressing Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone's Oops Moment

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It's true -- Ryan Gosling really can pull off anything!

ET exclusively chatted with La La Land costume designer Mary Zophres on the red carpet at the 19th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where she opened up about what it was like dressing the heartthrob and his co-star, Emma Stone, for the film.

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When asked if there was anything she put Gosling in that he didn't look dapper in, her answer was straight to the point: "Umm… no! Honestly."

"I worked with both [Ryan and Emma] before, that was a huge advantage for me because I know their bodies and what kind of looks good on them," she explained. "We did put one shirt on him that had a little bit too much of a plaid, and that was eliminated, but he wears clothes so well."

"We made everything that he wore, and so once we found the general silhouette [for his character], we just kind of kept his wardrobe [the same] -- he repeated a lot," she continued. "But to me, his character is a guy who bought a nice sport coat and took good care of it, and he wore it on more than one occasion. As opposed to having like a gazillion different changes, he just repeated classically good looking clothes."


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And while Gosling's outfits remained unsurprisingly flawless, Zophres revealed Emma Stone did have a minor wardrobe malfunction on set.

"[One of] Emma's shoes broke in that scene with the white dress," she said. "She had a dance shoe on and it broke. We only had a single on it, so we ended up using another dance shoe that we had in her closet. The art department helped spray it silver to match the color, because we had already shot part of the other sequence, like with her getting made up, and it has to be continuous. So, that was an 'Oh my God' moment."

Ironically, that ensemble turned out to be Zophres' favorite look on Stone.

"I do love the yellow dress, but I think that my very favorite dress, which has been a surprise for everybody, is the white dress that Emma wears in the Paris backdrop," the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, native gushed. "It's everything I wanted it be."

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"It sort of floats on air, and it makes me cry when I see that dress on film," she added. "Everyone's surprised by that answer because the movie is so known for its color, and that dress is white, but I love that dress."


Tuesday's soiree was a memorable one for Zophres, who was nominated for her work on Hail, Caesar! and La La Land. Ahead of her win for Excellence in Contemporary Film for the latter, she told ET on the carpet that she was paying homage to the Damien Chazelle-directed musical with her ensemble.

"I think this is very much a La La Land dress," she dished. "It's not from the movie, but it reminded me of something from that movie."

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"I'm lucky that the two films that I [worked on] this year both got nominated," she continued. "That's insane! I don't want to jinx it, I'm just so grateful to be here, and I'm so happy. It's a real honor to be nominated by your peers, I think. It's the most meaningful because it's by the people who do what you do. You can't ask for more than that!"

Hear more highlights from the star-studded fête in the video below.

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