'Atlanta' Star Zazie Beetz Joins 'Deadpool 2' as Mutant Mercenary Domino


Deadpool 2
has found its Domino!

's breakout star, Zazie Beetz, has signed on to play the black-haired, blue-eyed mutant mercenary in the hotly anticipated Marvel sequel.

star Ryan Reynolds
took to Twitter on Thursday to confirm the casting news following reports that the actress had screen tested for the role.

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Reynolds shared a photo of a mosaic of domino tiles, with the name "ZAZIE BEETZ" spelled out in black dots that blended into the background. The star captioned the pic, "Domino Effect."

Domino, whose real name is Neena Thurman -- has long been an intricate part of the Deadpool mythos, especially in relation to Cable (aka Nathan Summers), Deadpool's reluctant friend and partner who will reportedly play a major role in the upcoming sequel, although the role has not yet officially been cast.

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When it comes to Domino's mutant powers, things get a little complicated. Basically, she can telekinetically initiate a series of cause and effect reactions that -- in essence -- bring her good luck while simultaneously bringing bad luck to her enemies in a battle. Or, as Reynolds summed up nicely in his tweet, a sort of "domino effect."

On Atlanta, Beetz stars as Van, best friend to Earn Marks (Donald Glover), and the mother of his baby girl. The Golden Globe-winning show's second season was recently pushed back to 2018 -- possibly due to Glover being cast as young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Young Han Solo Star Wars film.

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The first teaser for Deadpool 2 was recently revealed, playing before screenings of Logan.

In the trailer, the Merc With a Mouth hears a mugging in progress. He ducks into a phone booth to change into his superhero outfit (a la Superman), only to discover that he might have taken a little too long to slip into his red lycra costume. Check out the video below for a look at the hilarious promo.

Deadpool 2
-- directed by John Wick co-helmer David Leitch -- hits theaters March 2, 2018.