New 'Baywatch' Trailer Showcases the Many (Sexy) Looks of Zac Efron

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Undercover woman, Jason Bourne wannabe, shirtless lifesaver and hot doc -- the latest Baywatch trailer is here and delightfully showcases the many looks of Zac Efron, all of them as sexy as the next!

With just over two months to go until the Dwayne Johnson-led film hits theaters, the new teaser has fans counting down to see Efron’s character, Matt Brody, in his full glory.

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The athlete makes his entrance in the trailer by rolling up on a motorbike looking fierce in a leather jacket as Johnson’s character, Mitch Buchanan, greets him with, “Hey, One Direction.”

The hunk then shows off his seriously ripped gold medal-winning bodybuilding form (complete with a dog on either side); carries two fridges on his back while shirtless on the beach, and sports his best Hawaiian shirt/slicked back hair look.

But the best Efron moment comes as the former High School Musical star dresses up as a woman, wearing a low-cut, black-and-white dress, yellow heels and a hat. And yes, he still manages to look hot!

“I’m undercover,” he explains.

“Yeah, a little too undercover,” responds Mitch.

As their bromance blossoms, the pair get cozy for an action-packed ride on a pink scooter, with Matt wearing a matching pink top and Mitch perfectly in theme with a pink helmet.

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Next, Matt switches to a suave black shirt to declare, “Jason Bourne ain’t got sh*t on me!”

And, if that’s not enough, Efron then channels his best McDreamy look as he scrubs up for a scene in the morgue, looking every but like he could be guest starring on Grey’s Anatomy (Shonda Rimes, can this please happen?).


The film is released on May 26 and we can’t wait to see what else Efron has in store for us!

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