EXCLUSIVE: Anne Hathaway on Filming 'Colossal' While Pregnant & Working With Kim Kardashian: 'She's So Sweet'

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Anne Hathaway is opening up about the challenges of filming the intense fight scenes in her new film, Colossal, while pregnant with 1-year-old son Jonathan.

“I'm such a tomboy at heart, so any time it's an action or fight scene, I always want to do it as fast as the boys and I couldn't this time because I had a little person in my tummy,” the actress told ET’s Carly Steel while promoting the film, which hits theaters on April 7. “We did one take of the fight because there's a big fight in this, and my heart rate sped up really fast and I said, ‘OK guys, pregnant limitation. We have to do it one beat at a time.’ So, we did and they cut it together and nobody was the wiser.”

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Hathaway noted that while her pregnancy may have made people nervous, the action sequence came together nicely.

“I would like to encourage you, if you're the boss of a pregnant person, don't be afraid,” she said. “I think people are afraid to talk about pregnancy and explore what's possible and I understand why, but in this case, I'd never been pregnant before. A lot of people there had never worked with a pregnant person before. When you just say, ‘Yes,’ it [turns] out great.”

The 34-year-old actress also opened up about her role in another big upcoming movie -- Ocean’s Eight.

One of Hathaway's co-stars in the heist flick is Rihanna, and several Ocean's Eight cast members -- including Sarah Paulson -- have gotten candid about how tough it was to keep their cool around the pop princess.

“You don't realize how often you sing Rihanna songs just under your breath,” Hathaway admitted. “That happened to me a couple times where I started a song and kind of had to cut it off really fast because it's so inappropriate. She's ubiquitous and fabulous.”

Kim Kardashian is also set to make an Ocean's Eight appearance in the film's Met Gala scene, and Hathaway said the reality star couldn't have been more fun to work with.<p>“She's so sweet,” said the Les Miserables star. “All the Kardashian girls are great. We didn't work together that much, but totally sweet people.”

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Hathaway also confirmed that she would be up for revisiting one of her most iconic film projects -- The Devil Wears Prada.

With Sir Elton John currently adapting the film for Broadway, Hathaway said she would happily get involved in the project.

“I'm not the right age anymore for Andy and I'm not the right age for Miranda, so we figured the only part I can play is Jacqueline Follet,” she said. “So maybe Sir Elton will let me come in for one performance and give me a little turn as Jacqueline.”

See more on the actress and her adorable son below.

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