'That Thing You Do' Band The Wonders Has a Rockin' Reunion 20 Years Later -- See the Pics!


The film's band took the stage at L.A.'s iconic Roxy Theater to perform the film's titular hit song!

That Thing You Do! has done it again!

Three on-screen band members of Tom Hanks' 1996 film about a 1960s rock group who scores a big hit -- Tom Everett Scott (Guy 'Shades' Patterson, drummer) Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy Mattingly, singer) and Ethan Embry (bassist) -- took the stage on Tuesday night at Los Angeles' iconic Roxy Theater to rock out and perform the group's titular song, "That Thing You Do."

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And as fan pictures and videos from the event show, the boys have still got it!

"We reunited The Wonders aka The Oneders from the movie That Thing You Do. Played the hit song from the movie. It was magical," comedian Josh Adam Meyers, who hosted the Goddamn Comedy Jam, wrote on Instagram.

While Steve Zahn, who plays guitarist Lenny Haise in the film, was unable to attend, the band hilariously posed with a headshot of the actor.

"When we reunion, we reunion hard," Embry tweeted.

And Scott took to Twitter with gratitude over the event, writing, "The Oneders showed LA no mercy last night. Thanks for a wicked fun night."

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Last year, Scott opened up to ET about the film's 20th anniversary.

"Yeah, actually I do [keep in contact with Hanks," he shared at the premiere of Sister Cities in August. "We are all still pretty tight, the That Thing You Do family. We still go see baseball games together and we all hang out."

But, despite the fact that everyone's still so close, Scott admitted that he's not clamoring to revisit the role.

"Why remake something that was already great?!" he exclaimed. "Remake something that had potential, but it wasn't really good the first time."

"Like a bunch of my other movies," he joked. "You can remake those better!"

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As for keepsakes from the film, Scott kept the drums, obviously!

"I have the drums," the actor shared. "They're cool."

Meanwhile, another awesome movie Hanks is involved in that's been experiencing a lot of love in it's 20's is A League of Their Own!

Watch the video below for what you didn't know about the baseball classic.