John Boyega Says 'Star Wars' Ruined a Potential Relationship: 'I Blocked Her on My Phone'

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Who knew the Force could put such a damper on your love life...

John Boyega hilariously detailed how his role in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens derailed a potential love connection on a recent episode of the U.K.'s Graham Norton Show.

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It all started when Orlando Bloom -- who was also a guest on the show -- gave the 25-year-old actor some advice.

"I know Orlando, and he gave me some advice before Star Wars 7 came out," Boyega shared. "His advice was ... 'Try and secure the love of your life before this happens.'"

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"And I did," he continued, going on​ to describe a date he went on in New York City. "She didn't know what I did, until we were driving through Times Square, and she goes, 'What do you do for a living?'"

"I looked up and I go, 'Tha​t,'" Boyega answered, motioning to a giant billboard of himself wielding a light saber.

"I blocked her on my phone," ​he deadpanned, not getting into specifics about what ​happened afterward that derail​ed the date. "That picture ... just kind of affected her."

At that point, Bloom then went on to describe the freaky situation that caused him to consider whether his newfound fame would make dating more difficult.

"I was in a supermarket," the 40-year-old actor ​recalled. "The first [Lord of the Rings] ... had only just released, and this woman came up behind me and whispered into my ear, 'Are you my elf?'"


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Luckily, Bloom had a pretty perfect response: "No, I'm your garden gnome."

The other two guests on the show, Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, then pointed out that the situation is a little different for women.

"Honestly, comedy does not lead to d**k. Trust me," Schumer hilariously said. The Trainwreck star added, "For women, I don't think it really helps."

But the dating horror story ​that took the cake ​had to go to Hawn.

The ​Snatched star shared, "I threw up. [The guy] tried to kiss me, and it made me sick."

"I literally rolled down the window and I threw up," she added, laughing, "And I said, 'I'm sorry, but you make me sick.'"

So the moral of the story is, superstardom doesn't necessarily make your love life any easier!

Meanwhile, Boyega's love life isn't the only thing that changed when he landed his Star Wars role, as the actor went on to describe his funny first purchases he made with his ​paycheck.

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"Some lions. Sculptures of lions," he said, explaining, "The reason why I bought that, is because I feel like my spirit animal is a lion."

But the other purchase -- a saxophone lamp -- Boyega doesn't really have a reason for.

"There's no reason for that man. I was in Australia and this dude just told me, 'There's a saxophone with a light in it,'" he recalled. "Something in my brain just went, 'Buy.'"

That's as good of a reason as any, John!

Watch the video below to hear what Boyega told ET recently about his "messed up" Star Wars character.