Robin Williams' Last Film 'Absolutely Anything' Is Finally Coming to Theaters

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In August 2014, fans the world over were rocked by Robin Williams' death, and the comedy icon's final film is now on its way to hitting screens across America.

The sci-fi comedy, Absolutely Anything, features Williams as the voice of a talking dog named Dennis. The story follows Simon Pegg as a random earthling who is given unlimited powers to shape the universe as he sees fit by a group of eccentric extra-terrestrials -- and one of the first things he does is bestow the power of human speech on his pet dog.

The film, which premiered in the United Kingdom in August 2015, is coming to American theaters on May 12.

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Aside from being Williams' last film, the sci-fi farce is also notable for being the first movie to reunite every living member of Monty Python for their first project since 1983's Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life.

John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle and Michael Palin -- who make up the remaining founders of the beloved English comedy group -- star as the insane aliens who experiment on Pegg. Kate Beckinsale and Eddie Izzard co-star in the zany romp.

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Absolutely Anything
is the last of three of Williams' films to be released posthumously, following A Merry Friggin' Christmas in Nov. 2014, and Night at the Museum 3, released the following month.

For more on the iconic comedian's life and legacy, check out the video below.

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