EXCLUSIVE: Amy Schumer's Guide to 5 Essential Goldie Hawn Movies to Watch Ahead of 'Snatched'

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may be Amy Schumer's favorite Goldie Hawn movie, but that's mostly because it was, as she's said, "a complete dream come true" to film with one of her idols. "I threw my arms around her -- I don't know if this is weird or not -- and I was just like, 'I love you so much,'" Schumer told ET of being on set with Hawn. "Getting to see Goldie every day and be on camera together was the best part. We fell in love...but [also] the movie's amazing."

Fair enough. But it was Hawn's illustrious filmography -- spanning 50 years and including an Academy Award win for Cactus Flower in 1969 -- that inspired Schumer to try to entice her back to the big screen, marking Hawn's film in 15 years. (Her last was 2002's The Banger Sisters.) Ahead of Snatched's release on Friday, we had Schumer list her five must-watch Goldie Hawn movies.

EXCLUSIVE: Amy Schumer Opens Up About 'Dream' Co-Star Goldie Hawn, Reveals How She Asked Her to Do 'Snatched'



"Like, of course. Because [it's] so funny but also makes you cry and feel better," Schumer says of the 1987 rom-com, which starred Hawn as a cruel socialite who suffers amnesia and is tricked into believing she is the wife of a revengeful carpenter she'd screwed over, played by Hawn's longtime partner, Kurt Russell. "I'm forgetting that young gentleman's name," Schumer joked. "Just some guy."

Seems Like Old Times

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"I just loved that," Schumer explains of the 1980 comedy in whiched Hawn starred opposite Chevy Chase. She plays an attorney and the wife of the District Attorney -- and ex-wife of a reluctant bank robber (played by Chase). "She loved the dogs. She loved me and the dogs," Hawn chimed in of her five canine costars, to which Schumer deadpanned, "Yeah, it's good to see the dogs."

First Wives Club

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We asked for three favorites, but Schumer slipped in a fourth and fifth -- understandably. "I gotta have, like, a swing last vote, because I'll love First Wives Club and then Housesitter and Private Benjamin. You know, it's too hard!" The first, 1996's First Wives Club, saw Hawn star alongside Bette Midler and Diane Keaton as an iconic trio of divorcées seeking revenge on the husbands who left them for younger women.


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The second, 1992's Housesitter, paired Hawn with Steve Martin years before they would reunite on The Out-of-Towners. Quite the opposite of Overboard, here, Hawn played a con artist who moves into a home left empty by Martin's character and, unbeknownst to him, starts a new life posing as his wife.

Private Benjamin

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The third is 1980's Private Benjamin, a comedy where Hawn, once again, plays a socialite, albeit one whose newlywed husband dies on their wedding night and, through a series of mishaps, she accidentally joins the U.S. Army and is sent off to basic training. "It changes," Schumer adds. "You go, 'Oh, that one! That's my favorite!'"