EXCLUSIVE: Charlize Theron Says Filming 'Atomic Blonde' Scared Her Mom: 'She Saw Some of the Bruises'

ET spoke with the 'Atomic Blonde' star while she was promoting her new action-packed film in Berlin.

Parents will always have concern for their children.

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with Atomic Blonde star Charlize Theron, who is currently in Berlin promoting her new action-packed new film, and the 41-year-old actress admitted that her mother wasn't too on board with some of the bangs and bruises her daughter faced.

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"I think she kicked into mom mode," the Oscar winner said. "She was a little concerned. She saw some of the bruises and stuff."

"Because she wasn't around and she didn't see a lot of what we were doing," she added. "And when she watched the movie, I think she understood it a little bit more. But she definitely became protective."

Thankfully, with Mom's help, Theron was able to hide some of the more strenuous parts of the shoot from her kids, 6-year-old Jackson and nearly 2-year-old August.

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"I don't bring them around for a lot of that stuff," she revealed. "They're young and I don't think it's appropriate, but they come on set when Mom's not in prosthetics."

Having her children around also helped Theron continue to spend time with them during filming, and the schedule made that a lot easier.

"The schedule was amazing. I could be with my kids in the morning and I was home by dinner," she said. "The balance of that was what made me push as hard as I did on this film, because I felt so confident in what I was doing as a mother and working."

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Furthermore, Theron revealed that motherhood has given her a renewed sense of passion in her life.

"I love it. Even the hard moments, I love." Theron shared. "It energizes me. Nothing moves me and makes me feel as much as my kids. And they've inspired me to want to push harder for myself and my work."

"Your children really make you see who you really are," she continued.

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Atomic Blonde hits theaters on July 28.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek.