Comic-Con: 'Psych' Cast Reunites & Dishes on First of 6 Possible Movies -- Find Out Who's Returning From the D

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-Os are about to get another fix of the USA Network detective comedy series!

The cast -- including James Roday, Dulé Hill, Maggie Lawson, Kirsten Nelson and Corbin Bernsen -- reunited at Comic-Con in San Diego, California, on Friday, and during a panel discussion, moderator and Westworld star Jimmi Simpson announced that he’s reprising his role as Mary Lightly in Psych: The Movie.

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“What exactly are you doing here, man?” Roday asked Simpson. “Didn’t you die like five, six, seven years ago on the show? Is there a specific reason why you are moderating?”

“Because Mary Lightly is making his third post-human appearance in Psych: The Movie,” revealed Simpson, who has now appeared on the show more times dead than alive. “I lucked out there [and] got to be a part of this. I’ve done two episodes as a human and now four experiences as a dead person.”

“I didn’t think I’d get to do it again and I got to do it again,” he added. “It’s truly one of the nicest groups of people.”
Zachary Levi, Jazmyn Simon, Ralph Macchio and WWE superstar Charlotte Flair will also reprise their roles in the film.

Fans were treated to a preview of the first eight minutes of the special, which will air in December and sees the gang reuniting after a mystery assailant comes after one of their own. The clip showed Shawn and Gus hilariously gallivanting around San Francisco, with Gus having grown a “double beard.”

Show creator Steve Franks shared how he started working on the film immediately after calling cut on the show’s 2014 finale.

“I knew I had to work on it a long time because I don’t want to make one Psych movie, I want to make six Psych movies!” Franks said.

Franks added that “more than one person on this panel” will sing in the film and that the show’s signature pineapple will make an appearance. “It’s a pineapple that is an obscure reference to a pineapple on Psych, the series.”

The movie picks up three years after the finale, with Shawn and Gus having relocated to San Francisco. “Gus is thriving up there,” Hill said. “He’s enjoying his life up there and doing what he’s always loved to do. He’s grown a beard, he loves San Francisco -- the home of the 49ers -- Gus is having a good time!”

As for Shawn, he has “taken a few steps forward,” Roday shared. “He’s relocated, he’s still working cases -- sometimes cases Gus doesn’t know about. He’s still got a hard crush on Juliet. I think it’s evolved from schoolboy crush to hard man crush!”

Cast members added that despite a three-year hiatus, getting back into character was relatively easy, aided by the fact the movie employed many of the series’ crew members.

“For me it was surprisingly easy” Hill said. “The first scene we shot back was Gus trying to come onto somebody, played by my fiancée, Jazmyn.”

“I think it was helpful for Dulé to show off for his lady a little bit!” Roday added.

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The fun-filled panel ended with an epic group sing-along to the show’s theme song, after Roday paid tribute to the series’ loyal fans.

“The unifying factor in all of this was [that] we have a chance to give something to our fans,” Roday said. “First and foremost, we did this movie for you guys because it never ceases to amaze us how active you guys are, how much you keep up with us and how supportive you are on social media. It’s a real blessing to give something back.”

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