EXCLUSIVE: Halle Berry Isn't Sure There Should Be a Female James Bond: 'That Series Is Steeped in History'


The 'Kidnap' star thinks women deserve a new Bond character all their own.

Halle Berry thinks women deserve a new Bond character all their own.

The Kidnap star talked to ET's Kevin Frazier at the premiere of her new thriller, where she responded to the idea floated by Chris Hemsworth that Charlize Theron should play the next 007 by basically saying -- who needs to retread?

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"I want [women] to be tough but I don't know if Bond should be a woman," the 50-year-old actress admitted. "I mean, that series is steeped in history, you know Ian Fleming's stories. I don't think you can change Bond to a woman."

"We can create a new Bond character that's a woman, and give her a new name, based on that theory, but I don't know if bond should be a woman," she explained.

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Meanwhile, Berry's new film -- in theaters on Aug. 4 -- depicts a mother going through any parent's biggest fear: their child being taken.

Watch the video below to hear Berry tell ET about how she thought she lost her own daughter in a store.