Comedy Royalty Reigns At 'Kings' Premiere


Boys will be boys -- or so goes the premise of the new coming-of-age comedy The Kings Of Summer. We were on the red carpet last night for the film's premiere, where top comedians including Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman and funnywoman Megan Mullally stopped by to chat.

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"Sex through the back door," a totally unprompted Offerman jokes right off the bat when interviewed by ETbefore being corrected by a laughing Mullally, who jumps in to correct him. "Stop, this is ET," she chides him.

The WIll & Grace actress and husband of nearly ten years Offerman were together at the LA premiere after starring in the film, which follows three teenage boys as they embark on a journey of independence by running away from home and vowing to live off the land for the Summer while attempting to build a house.

"We love working together. We share a filthy sense of humor and a strong work ethic and when we work together we don't miss each other as much," says Offerman.

Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts of Funny Or Die fame, the director credits the film's hilarity not only to the superior cast of comedy legends, but the young newcomers who brought a feel of authenticity to the Goonies-esque film.

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"We have an incredible cast. The adult actors -- Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Megan Mullally -- are just incredible comedians, but the movie lives and dies by the kids in it and they're all fantastic."

He adds, "You don't walk out of Stand By Me or Goonies, and think just one of those kids is good. They're all great. And I think that one of the things that people really respond to in this movie is that when they walk out and the chemistry between the boys is so pure and earnest and it just reminds them of what it is to be 14."

The chemistry Vogt-Roberts speaks of is not only visible onscreen, but behind the scenes as well. "When the camera stopped rolling there was dead arm? I don't know if you
are familiar with this game, but it's very basic. You punch each other
in the arm until someone gives up. And so that was our big game on set.
We played it with our director, with our DP, everybody. I still have the
bruises," jokes Nick Robinson, who plays Joe in the movie and can
previously be seen on Melissa & Joey. But the hits didn’t end there.

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"I shot Nick in the arm with a pellet gun. But it was a mutual-type dare and I won," said Gabriel Basso who plays Patrick. "It was stupid, but it was amazing because it was a miracle shot. We got into some stupid stuff."

The Kings Of Summer hits theaters nationwide on May 31.