Morgan, Jesse, Isla On The Magic Behind 'See Me'


While a magician may never reveal the secrets behind his tricks, the cast of the magician-heist thriller Now You See Me is more than happy to share what they think makes the movie magical.
We sat down with stars of the film -- including Morgan Freeman, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine -- to discuss the star-studded drama, which hits theaters tomorrow.

Isla Fisher Unveils Special Talent In 'See Me'

Though the Robin Hood-esque film revolves around a group of anarchist magicians who perform high-tech illusions to rob from the rich and give to the poor, the formula behind the highly-anticipated summer flick is far from deceiving. The Great Gatsby's Isla Fisher, who plays an escapologist who makes up a quarter of the traveling quartet of magicians called The Four Horsemen, says the secret that makes this particular heist movie special that has something for everyone.

"In this movie particularly we see magic in a totally contemporary and original way. And we see characters that come together as an ensemble that you would never anticipate in a world that is heightened and glamorous. There are so many elements that makes this a special heist movie," Fisher said. 

For Oscar-winner Morgan Freeman, who plays notorious magic-debunker Thaddeus Bradley, his reasoning for why the Louis Leterrier-directed movie has the recipe for success is because the issues in the movie reflect the same economic problems society is battling today.

"Particularly today, banks have your money. And they are doing their own thing with it…I never pulled off a bank job. I never even thought about trying, but with the situation we are dealing with today, I would be fascinated to do it because banks are not our friends."

Jesse & Isla Talk Magic At 'Now You See Me' Debut

And while the tricks and special effects on-screen are said to be impressive, the cast swears the best part of making the movie was the comraderie that existed behind the scenes. Mark Ruffalo, who plays suspicious FBI agent Dylan Rhodes, says despite the film's star power, egos were checked at the door. "I think part of why it worked so well is because that wasn't part of it," he said.

With this mighty cast of Hollywood giants, there were a few star-struck moments that even movie-legend Freeman wasn't immune to.
"I'm still star struck. Going to work with someone like Michael Caine or Mark is just a pinch-me time. It really is."

"First day with Michael Caine, I was so freakin' nervous... and I just kind of whispered to Jesse, did you notice that there are two living legends on this stage [Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman]," said The Hunger Games star Woody Harrelson, who plays heist-master Merritt McKinney, and previously teamed up with Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg for Zombieland in 2009.

With Now You See Me successfully under their belt and word of a cliffhanger ending, Eisenberg, who plays Atlas, ring-leader of the Horsemen, said that the movie definitely lends itself to a sequel.
"There's these characters that are part of this super-group of magicians
and it seems like they can do a different million things."

Now You See Me hits theaters on May 31.

On The Set: Jesse Eisenberg's Magic Thriller

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