'Monsters University': When Mike Met Sully


Imagine a world in which the university offers classes in scare tactics and the students are monsters. Well, now you can soon see it come to life. Disney and Pixar are at it again and bring back the same star-studded cast for the eye-pleasing prequel to 2001's Monsters, Inc. -- Monsters University.

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Set 10 years in the past, the 3D computer-animated comedy tells the story of how Mike met Sully. Reminiscent of the plot to When Harry Met Sally but involving monsters, this time Billy Crystal brings to life a serious, yet intelligent 17-year-old Michael "Mike" Wazowski, who is extremely eager to start college where he is majoring in scaring. Mayhem strikes when Mike meets a laid back, brawn-and-no-brains 18-year-old James P. "Sulley" Sullivan, voiced by John Goodman.

Personalities clash as the two monsters-in-the-making end up in the same fraternity and soon become enemies. Their differences ultimately land them in jail before realizing they are better off as friends.

A taste of the rivalry that exists between these two inevitably inseparable buddies can be seen in the clip above as the unlikely pair seek out fraternities. Sully appears as a frat boy magnet, sought out by the popular frat houses on campus due to his massive size, while Mike is left picking from the nerd pool.

Boardwalk Empire's Steve Buscemi and famed Sesame Street puppeteer Frank Oz reprise their roles as Randall Boggs and Jeff Fungus, respectively. Cheaper By The Dozen's Bonnie Hunt, who played Ms. Flint in the first film, will be voicing Mike's grade school teacher Ms. Karen Graves, while Toy Story's John Ratzenberger, who played The Abominable Snowman, will be voicing a Monsters, Inc. employee.

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The prequel also welcomes Alfred Molina as Professor Knight, Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza who plays Claire Wheeler, The Office’s John Krasinski as Frank McCay, Helen Mirren as Dean Hardscrabble, Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes who plays Terri Perry and Charlie Day as Art -- who round out the celebrity cast.

Monsters University hits theaters nationwide on June 21. Until then, enjoy the sneak peek above.