'Murphy Brown' Revival Takes on Donald Trump in Hilarious First-Look Promo

The cast of the long-awaited revival premiered a first-look teaser at CBS' Upfront presentation in New York City on Wednesday, which gave fans a look at what their favorite characters have been doing over the last 20 years.

Murphy Brown is coming back to TV, taking aim at the current state of journalism and the importance of the free press in America today.

In this first-look teaser for the upcoming revival season, we get reintroduced to the beloved cast of reporters, anchors and personalities that once made up the investigative TV news series FYI, during Murphy Brown's original run.

"I left FYI a few years ago," star Candice Bergen says, in character as Murphy Brown, before explaining how she'd become disappointed in the direction TV journalism had gone over the last decade.

"The problem was, I didn't know what to do with myself," she continued. "And then, we had an election."

Clearly, the current political climate under President Donald Trump's administration will play a big role in the revival series -- much in the way Trump influenced both the Roseanne and Will & Grace revivals over the last few months.

Faith Ford, as Corky Sherwood, is introduced carrying a protest sign with an illustration of Trump's infamous hairstyle beneath the words "We shall overcomb."

"I left FYI because the network asked me to anchor their morning show, Wake Up America!" Sherwood explained. "It was all going fine, until the weather girl took a couple of weeks off for 'foot surgery.' She came back to the show with double-Ds! When she stood next to the weather map, we couldn't see Oregon. The next thing you know, she's in and I'm out."

The promo also gives us a look at the eventual fates of FYI executive producer Miles Silverberg (Grant Shaud), and intrepid investigative reporter Frank Fontane (Joe Regalbuto) -- and introduces Tyne Daily as Phyllis, the sister of the original series' bar owner Phil (played by the late Pat Corley) -- before introducing the over-arching concept behind this revival.

"We had to do something and get the old gang together to take on this crazy new world of alternative facts and fake news. It's our civic duty," Brown said, revealing that she and her fellow FYI reporters have started a new journalistic undertaking. "And besides, you missed us. You know you did."

Murphy Brown, which aired for 10 seasons, is finally returning 20 years after airing their final episode, and the cast of the iconic sitcom reunited on Wednesday as they prepared to present their hotly anticipated revival at CBS' Upfront presentation in New York City.

ET's Leanna Aguilera spoke with the stars on the red carpet at Carnegie Hall, who dished on why they felt the time was right to bring back the celebrated series.

"[Creator] Diane English and I have been discussing it for a little while and suddenly this year and this past election year, we thought, ‘There’s just so much to say and fix,'" Bergen explained. 

"News is collected very differently than it used to be and we thought that our show should be a fact-based news source which has become sort of out of fashion," the 72-year-old Book Club actress continued. "So, we’re going to bring it back into fashion. And Murphy is a real journalist -- tried and true -- so I think she deserves to be back."

In January, CBS ordered 13 episodes of the revival, which is set to premiere in fall.

Check out the video below for more on the long-awaited new season of Murphy Brown.