Cee Lo on Pairing with Gwyneth Paltrow on a Possible New Album


After their duet on the Grammy's stage in February, there has been speculation about Cee Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow recording an original song together and we got Cee Lo to dish on the subject on Saturday.

"[Gwyneth] did me such a great favor by coming along and joining in with me for the Grammys that if she asked me to do something or if this rumor of her having a record deal is true and she reaches out to me, of course [I would work with her]," Cee Lo said.

The soulful musician is now starring in the new reality series "The Voice," which debuts April 26 on NBC, but he explained that the show isn't your average singing competition.

"These are blind auditions that we're doing," said Cee Lo. "We don't see them. We don't know them. We know nothing about these people. All that we can go off of is the way that they make us feel."

Cee Lo revealed that he believes his new show co-starring Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine is bringing music back to basics, saying that lately the music industry has focused on "product over passion."

"You have to have your priorities in a different order," said Cee Lo. "It should be vice versa. Quality should be your first concern."

Another major difference separating "The Voice" from every other vocal competition is that it features coaches as opposed to judges.

"Ultimately we do not judge," Cee Lo announced. "It is about the encouragement, the mentoring, the nurturing of a very potential star."