Nicki Minaj on Her 'Crazy Lunatic' Tour with Britney Spears


Nicki Minaj helped kick off the launch of the Samsung Infuse 4G in Los Angeles last week where she dished about her new tour with Britney Spears.

"Just me being a crazy lunatic probably as always," Nicki responded when asked what fans can expect from this new collaboration. "I'm not going to change it too much from what I was doing on the tour."

Nicki revealed that her fans aren't the only ones who are antsy about the new tour this summer, saying, "I really want to see [Britney] in action. She's definitely an icon and I want to see what she does and how she moves the crowd and how she has managed to stay in the game this long and be relevant."

Former "American Idol" contestant Pia Toscano also made an appearance and chatted about the remaining singers on the show.

"It's anybody's game," said Pia. "At this point everybody's super strong so I really don't know [who will win]. I'm rooting for them all. I really can't wait to join them in the finale."

After her shocking "Idol" elimination, Pia was quickly offered a record deal and is currently working on her first album. The singer admitted that she's "still tweaking everything" in the nascent stages of her debut project but she did have a good idea of what the vibe will be like in her songs, saying, "It's going to be a pop album with an R&B influence."

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