The Secret Lady Gaga Never Told Beyonce


In a candid, one-hour MTV interview special, "Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside," the pop superstar steps away from her larger-than-life stage persona to discuss a painful and difficult road to stardom. In a surprising admission,Lady Gagacredits Beyonce for inspiring her at one of her lowest points, and re-igniting the fire within to succeed.

Before gaining worldwide success and fame, Lady Gaga was known to the world as Stefani Germanotta. The singer reflects on one of her most embarrassing memories as a teenager, when a group of boys dumped her in a garbage can outside a New York City pizzeria.

"They picked me up and then threw me in a trash can on the street," she says, remembering vividly how painful it was to "hold back the tears".

At a time when she lost faith in her dreams of stardom after being dropped from her first record label, Gaga confesses that she was able to regain the inspiration to become a star in pop sensation, Beyonce.

"I've never told Beyonce this, but I remember laying on my grandmother's couch crying and a Destiny's Childvideo came on, and I remember watching Beyonce and thinking, 'she's a star- I want that. I want to be on MTV,' and now I'm in music videos with Beyonce."

Watch the clip to see more of Lady Gaga's candid interview.

Check your local listings to catch "Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside," in its entirety. Lady Gaga's second studio album, Born This Way, was released earlier this month.