Lady Gaga Flies into Central Park to Perform


Lady Gaga delighted thousands of her "Little Monster" fans by making a colorful entrance into New York's Central Park via zip line to perform a five-song set. 

The flamboyant pop star -- wearing a white cape, bright turban and red leggings with black spots -- said the enthusiastic crowd inspired her live performance, which aired live on "Good Morning America."

"The most amazing part of being there was I looked out and saw tens of thousands of kids, and it really felt like Woodstock. Everybody's face was painted, everybody's hair was dyed, everybody was dressed up, everybody was smiling and hugging each other, and crying and dancing and that's what it's all about," Gaga told ET in an interview after the performance. 

Gaga, 25, said her "GMA" appearance brought back memories of hanging out in Central Park with her friends in high school. "My friends and I used to... we used to be really bad. We would go in our uniforms to Centra Park, and we would take off our shirts, and sunbath when nobody was looking, with just our bras on."

Despite her musical success and great wealth, Gaga tells ET she still can't resist a bargain. "I'm a queen that will sift through that discount rack like you wouldn't even believe. I'm going to be an old grandma with all the coupons." She also reveals that anybody who wants to date her must have an appreciation for her wardrobe and hair. "If you don't like the wigs, it's an instant deal breaker."

Gaga is currently promoting her latest album "Born This Way," which dropped on Monday and is projected by Billboard to sell at least a million units during its first week.