Britney Spears' Choreographer Jamie King Leaks Stage Secrets


To pull off one of the most anticipated tours of the summer, Britney Spears had to bring out the big guns, one of them being legendary director/choreographer Jamie King.

"The first tour I directed for [Britney] was the Oops, I Did It Again tour," said Jamie, who has worked with the topliner since 2000. "For us it's about keeping ourselves entertained, for sure, but also looking into new technology."

One of the gadgets being used by Britney and her dancers is a conveyor belt that Jamie rode with ET's Mark Steines.

"I can barely navigate the one with rails at the airport," Mark joked, but Jamie assured him that the task becomes even more difficult when attempting it at a higher speed, as Britney and her dancers will do when the tour launches June 16.

In her sixth headlining tour in 12 years, faithful fans will watch the superstar oscillate, glide and even fly like they've never seen before.

"She gives this womanly energy to the stage which I'm excited for the fans to see," said Jamie. "I think we saw a glimpse of it in Circus, but now she's really ready to show the world this feminine, more adult, femme fatale Britney."

Femme Fatale is the pop diva's sixth album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Album Chart. Tickets for her Femme Fatale tour, which kicks off June 16 in Sacramento, California, are on sale now.