Britney Spears Reveals 'Femme Fatale' Fashion Secrets


Singer/songwriter/mom Britney Spears stays busy juggling all her jobs at once while preparing for her amazing "Femme Fatale" tour, but she still manages to look good doing it.

Britney revealed to ET's Mark Steines that she will be crossing genres with the garb she's chosen to perform in during her highly anticipated summer tour.

"A lot of it is rock and roll," said the pop diva, who explained that each piece "portrays a different feel" but that ultimately the look of the show could be described as "very bright and very colorful."

As a 12-year veteran of the music business, Britney has grown up in the public eye and she admitted that the personal changes she goes through sometimes seep into her songs.

"I think that's the best thing about being an artist," said Britney. "Creatively, as you get older you get better and there's so many different outlets and routes that you can go through to sing about and to share with people."

Britney's "Femme Fatale" tour, featuring Nicki Minajand Jessie, launches June 16. Tickets are available now.