Celebrity Fit or Fad: Fergie

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Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie stays fergalicious with a meal delivery service. Though she admits struggling with discipline when passing Del Taco and Jack in the Box, she seems to like the meals she gets through her plan. She is on the cover of Allure's July issue which hits stands June 21st, and tells the mag this about her diet, "Diet Designs, they're amazing-they'll have butter lettuce and avocado and pink grapefruit. They do butternut-squash enchiladas, which are really good. I also get these pressed juices delivered to my house, so I get all these different and wonderful vegetables."

The official name of the plan is Carrie Wiatt's Diet Designs. It offers a 5 or 7-day program of one, two or three meals per day for individuals or couples. The company offers nutritional counseling and meal plans that can help with weight management, portion control, as well as special menus for those with chronic diseases. No word on which plan Fergie is on.

Verdict: Fit
Fergie says she saw results immediately and that she's never hungry. However, the reason why Diet Designs may be a healthy way to eat is because  their meals provide a balanced level of macronutrients: 50% - 60% carbohydrates, 20% - 25% protein and 20% - 25% fat. This is closely in line with what most authorities deem appropriate, according to The Merck Manual. The downside of plans like Diet Designs is that they can only be useful for as long as you use them and thus are not a long term weight loss solution.