Fergie Expresses Concern For Husband Josh Duhamel's Hometown


Black Eyed Peas
member Fergie was busy touring in France over the weekend, but her work schedule hasn't stopped her from thinking about the disaster that's going on in her hubby Josh Duhamel's hometown.

The town of Minot, North Dakota, where Josh was named honorary chairman, has been ravaged by devastating floods and the singer voiced her concern in between shows on its condition and that of her husband.

"The whole city is going to be underwater," Fergie said. "Josh has a cold right. He's up all hours of the night watching what's going on."

Fergie even disclosed how his sister might lose her home due to the conditions and has been in touch with the Red Cross to gain some ground on helping those back in Minot. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Josh's family, friends and everyone affected by the horrific floods.