Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Reunite

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to Reunite

Although they are breaking up, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will be reuniting for a project this fall.

The pair will both film "Q'Viva!" the 2012 celebration of Latin music, artistry and dance, in South America this autumn.

A rep for the project tells ET, "Both Jennifer and Mark are committed to the Q’Viva! project and will work on it as planned. The show goes on!"

Jennifer and Marc will travel around Latin America looking for "most authentic, genuine and talented entertainers" and will bring them back to the U.S. for a live show. The journey will be documented in a TV series called "¡Q'Viva! The Chosen" reports that Marc performed in Bogota, Colombia, over the weekend, telling a crowd on Saturday night, "They're saying I'm single."

According to People, Marc called out to a woman in the audience, calling her the flirtatiously affectionate term, "Mamacita," and told her, "You're so beautiful," as the crowd chanted, "Mamacita, Mamacita."