Never Before Seen: Michael Jackson's Lost Song with Barry Gibb


In 2001, Michael Jackson traveled to Barry Gibb's Miami home to work on the song "All in Your Name." Now, for the first time, ET has never-before-seen footage of their collaboration!

"Michael and I gravitated towards the same kind of music," says Barry. "We loved collaborating, and he was the easiest person to write with. The more we got to know each other the more those ideas entwined and it all came to this song."

The footage of Jackson and Gibb was shot by Barry's musician son Ashley at the Bee Gees' Middle Ear Studios. The legendary location is also where "Too Much Heaven" was produced, where Barbra Streisand and Barry wrote and produced the hit song "Guilty," and where Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton recorded the Bee Gees song "Islands in the Stream."

"All in Your Name" is available for download on There, Barry writes that the song "is dedicated to all of Michael's fans all over the World. Michael and I both love it. We hope you do too."