Sean Kingston on Discovering an Unknown Heart Condition After Nearly Fatal Accident

Getty Images

Sean Kingston reportedly survived two close calls after his jet-ski accident in May.

The singer revealed to MTV News on Tuesday that he had open heart surgery after being treated for injuries suffered in the nearly fatal incident where he crashed into a bridge in Florida.

"They were gonna send me home, but then I had felt a pain in my left chest, and I told my mom," said Sean. "They rushed me and they did a lot of scans on me, [and] they said I couldn't leave."

Physicians discovered a heart condition which caused his aorta to tear and his chest to fill with blood.

After the surgery, Sean is doing well, resting at home and preparing to start work on a new album.

"What the accident basically taught me is, in life, you have to count your blessings," Sean said. "You just got to keep God present at all times and think about the consequences."