ET Exclusive: Colbie Rocks 'Sun' on 'So Random!'


Colbie Caillat performs her hit Brighter Than The Sun on Sunday's all-new episode of Disney Channel's So Random! -- and we have an exclusive look!

The Grammy-winning, Malibu-born Colbie's new album, All of You, dropped last month and Brighter Than The Sun is the second single.

On Sunday's episode of So Random!, which features Colbie's performance, fun skits include middle-aged women shopping at a boutique that only has teenage clothing in "Your Daughter's Closet; " Gila brings her Australian supermodel boyfriend home for dinner in "Angus Comes to Dinner;" pirates are introduced to a new high-tech iPatch that they can wear in "The iPatch;" and Billy, Zombie Man and Julia try out for cheerleading in "Cheerleader Tryouts."

So Random! airs Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel.