10 Years Later, Celebs Still Celebrate Aaliyah


It's been 10 years to the day since Aaliyah's tragic passing and her absence from music is still felt to this day.

Celebrities all over tweeted their condolences for the fallen R&B singer, some of whom were fortunate to meet or work with her before her unfortunate death.

Frequent collaborator Missy Elliot tweeted, "Aaliyah til this very day you are still in your own Lane! Your music is timeless! We miss you," while rapper Busta Rhymes reached out and said, "God bless you Aaliyah. We love you, we miss you. God knows you are still very much needed here, but I guess you were even more needed with God. Rip baby."

Some current celebs probably didn't get the chance to meet Aaliyah, but through her music they were able to show admiration for the gone but not forgotten beauty. Hip hop star Drake posted, "RIP baby girl... in my ear at every show letting me know the next move I should make. Love you." TV personality La La added, "She was so far ahead of her time... your music and your spirit still lives on.. may you continue to rest in peace.. we love you.. we celebrate you."

Watch the video to relive Hollywood's reaction to the tragic news.