Hurricane Irene Claims Sebastian Bach's Home

Getty Images

Not everyone escaped from Hurricane Irene unscathed as former Skid Row frontman and Celebrity Fit Club­ star Sebastian Bach has revealed that his home has been damaged beyond repair due to the storm.

According to a Facebook post the rocker made on Monday, Bach seemed distraught over the loss of his home for more than two decades.

"I am numb, in shock and devastated to report that my home of 21 years, my house featured on MTV Cribs, has been destroyed, condemned and deemed uninhabitable due to the extreme flooding courtesy of Hurricane Irene," Bach said.

He went on to disclose how the flooding from a nearby reservoir snapped a bridge that came crashing into his garage, helping bring about the irreparable damage. While many of his rare and valuable collectibles can't be salvaged, Bach remained positive despite the situation.

"My home has been taken away by an "act of God," Bach continued. He is giving me a much needed push, is all. New Jersey, thank you all so much for 25 years of rock n' roll. It's all over now."

The rocker has currently set his sights on relocating to Los Angeles.