Justin Timberlake and FreeSol Are No 'Role Models'


Justin Timberlake and his Tennman Records cohorts FreeSol show they make a good pairing going against the grain with visuals for their latest single, Role Model.

The video, directed by Joseph Toman, Aaron Platt and Timberlake himself, shows the singer, the band and a bunch of randoms running amuck -- hurling flags, fireworks, TVs and all kinds of s*&%, exhibiting their devil may car nature. JT even hops on the mic for an auto-tune rap of his own, proving that it's not hard for him to get back in the groove, despite his hiatus from music. Couple that with his addition on the hook (with its emphatic statement, "I'm going in my own direction/If you don't like it, you can cut your TV off"), and you have yourself a new rebel's anthem.

The track follows up FreeSol's first song, Hoodies On, Hats Low, both from their debut album, No Rules, in stores now.