Celeb Sweat: Gwen Stefani

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Celeb Sweat: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani, 42, remains one of the hottest bodies in music. As the world continues to await the first studio album from No Doubt since 2001's Rock Steady, Gwen goes solo on the cover of InStyle UK magazine's January 2012. About working out, she reveals she's traded running and kick-boxing for Pilates, yoga, and walking. Her philosophy on staying fit in her 40s is, "Now it's more about feeling good than looking good."

Hottest Spot: Jaw Line

While her abs usually get all the attention, it's her oval-shaped face that sets her apart. Her jaw line is pure perfection and if there was a such thing as a fit face, the mother of two has it. Her usual crimson lips and heavy eyeliner are her best facial accessories making her natural beauty shine.

Guilty Pleasure: Carbs and Cookies
Hubby Gavin Rossdale
is reportedly vegetarian, while multiple reports say Gwen is vegan. But despite
her reported penchant for organically grown foods, she still loves sweets. Not
only does Gavin cook, "amazing things," that allow her to indulge in
carbs, but she's no stranger to baked goods telling InStyle UK,
"I'm conscious of what I eat, but some days I cave and have cookies."

Sport: Tubing

Last winter Gwen has been spotted in Mammoth Lake, California tubing with her kids on the snow-covered slopes. While it's not quite a sport, we're sure she could bring in a lofty crowd of spectators doing just about anything.