Melanie Amaro After Her 'X Factor' Pay Day


The X Factor USA's first winner, Melanie Amaro, collected a $5 million dollar record deal as a part of her prize, but she told us that's just the beginning.

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"Sometimes I still feel as though I'm floating on a cloud," Melanie admitted on Thursday. "I just have to remember that I am wide awake and I am blessed and I do have a lot to look forward to."

A few of the events that await her include a Super Bowl Pepsi commercial and her debut album, which will be produced by L.A. Reid's Epic Records.

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"It feels wonderful to be able to have someone like L.A. Reid who's worked with everybody," Melanie gushed. "Epic's amazing. That's a big record company and I feel so honored to be a part of the Epic team."

The 19-year-old soul singer kept mum on the details of her big Super Bowl TV spot, but she did reveal that, if she has her way, her album could include one dynamic collaboration.

"Mariah Carey," Melanie responded when asked who her dream duet would be with. "From the moment I heard her I was like, 'Oh my God, I love this woman.'"

Melanie's voice is comparable to the diva's but fans would be wise to expect the unexpected when it comes to her first album.

"It'll be a little mix of everything, so it's not just sticking to one thing," said Melanie.