Celine Dion Relives The Song That Made Her A Star

Celine Dion Relives The Song That Made Her A Star

It's been 20 years since the classic theme from Beauty and the Beast won Celine Dion her first Grammy and the iconic singer looks back fondly on the song that made her a star. 

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"It's an honor," reflects Celine, thinking back on the twenty amazingly successful years that have passed since the film's 1991 release. "This song game me a name in a way. My songs were being played on the radio but people did not know who sings that song... When Beauty and The Beast was offered to me it put me on the map. It gave me a name."

While you'll still have to wait a few days until Disney debuts the 3D revamp of Beauty and the Beast this Friday (January 13), you can see Dion perform the hit at her live show in Vegas with singer Barnev Valsaint at the Colosseum (Caesars Palace). Tickets are on-sale now through August 19.

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Watch the video above for more, including Dion's take on the upcoming 3D re-release of Titanic featuring another one of her (and perhaps the most famous of all) theme songs: My Heart Will Go On.