Madonna's Half-Time Show Gets Mixed Reviews

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Madonna's Half-Time Show Gets Mixed Reviews

While the New York Giants and New England Patriots are on the field, the focus is on the polarized end zones. During the Half-Time Show, Madonna gave the 50 yard line some "luvin'."

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The Material Girl struck a pose in a Gladiator-themed opening number for Vogue. Holding true to her promise of no "wardrobe malfunctions," Madonna's outfits were quite conservative with no cleavage in sight.

The vintage performance then shifted gears with tracks from more recent years. Music boomed through the stadium. After a near-stumble on the steps in her high-heeled boots, Madonna made her way over to LMFAO for a mash-up with their smash-hit Party Rock Anthem. They then proceeded to center stage for some "shufflin'."

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What would football be without cheerleaders? Madonna got on her rah-rah sis-boom-bah for a spirited routine of new single Give Me All Your Luvin'. Her squad included Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., with the latter appearing to have flipped the bird during the live nationally televised event.

Despite telling ET that he wouldn't be a surprise guest, the tight-lipped Cee Lo Green proudly led a marching band on stage. When the field was re-lit from going dark, Madonna and The Voice judge were donned in robes for a gospel rendition of Like a Prayer, complete with a choir as back-up.

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In a puff of smoke, the most-likely lip-synching Madonna disappeared below the stage. Gold fairy dust was sprinkled on the field with the message of "World Peace" glistening on the gridiron.

Celebs have already shared mixed reactions on Twitter. Melissa Joan Hart critiqued, "If Madonna had worn some lower heels and moved a little smoother I would've thought it was perfect." Sherri Shepherd came to Madge's defense, tweeting, "I disagree with ya'll. I hope at 53 I can wear thigh high boots w heels, dance, flip & climb up stairs. #Madonna did her thing #superbowl."

Paula Abdul raved, "I was dancing &singing along w/ @CeeLoGreen #Madonna Like A Prayer was AWESOME! Well played #Superbowl WELL PLAYED-amazing #HalfTime show!" Donny Osmond echoed, "Madonna was really good thanks to some amazing production but it was @CeeloGreen and @NickiMinaj that made me love it. Still love Madonna!"

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Piers Morgan was quite possibly the harshest in his reaction to Sharon Osbourne's review. "Queen of what? Lip-synching?," he tweeted after Mrs. O proclaimed, "Madonna is back! She's the queen. Just sensational!" Kelly Osbourne fought back, tweeting, "@piersmorgan why is it that you are no longer on AGT anymore? That's right you have no taste! It's ok I still love you! #IgnoranceIsBliss."