LL Cool J on Being Grammys Host


Right before his performance at the GQ/Lacoste Super Bowl party, ET chatted with LL Cool J, who admitted that his concert that night would be impromptu and he was going to "wing it."

The 44-year-old rapper, who is set to host the Grammys next weekend, revealed a similar philosophy to hosting the music awards show.

"I just want to have fun," Cool J said of his upcoming hosting gig. "I'm not trying to be Billy Crystal. I don't think that I'm that."

Details: LL Cool J to Host Grammys

The two-time Grammy winner stated that the experience isn't really about him, the host, though.

"[I want to] not make it about me, [but] make it about the artists that are performing," he said. "Hopefully people will enjoy the show."

Cool J didn't reveal any secrets, but claimed that he was going to "bring something" that the audience will have to wait and see.