Katy Perry to Keep Grammys Audience Guessing


Katy Perry is poised to make her first public performance since her high-profile split with Russell Brand and she says she has plenty of surprises up her sleeve that won't disappoint the audience.

"Sunday evening will definitely be a guessing game," Perry said in between last-minute rehearsals for Sunday's broadcast from the Staples Center. "But it will be exciting, it will be very fun, challenging and fresh." She then added: "I'm just pleased that they allow me to come back here and make a mess of things."

Katy says she feels the Grammys always reaches the top standard compared to other awards shows. "It's always exciting. It's an honor and it's the Grammys, it's very prestigious. You don't mess around with the Grammys."

Also speaking about her enthusiasm for Sunday's show was Taylor Swift, who is nominated for three awards this year and declared that "Grammy week is really unlike anything else."

Watch the video to also hear Katy reveal why the Grammy stage "feels like home" and to hear Taylor explain why she feels like her latest record is "basically like my diary of two years of my life."